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Pachmarhi - Madya Pradesh

Pachmarhi is one of the most popular hill stations deriving its name from a group of five caves. It is located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The cool and tranquil weather and the serenity that reside in Pachmarhi, makes this place a paradise for the holiday makers. It is popularly known as Satpura Ki Rani. 
Pachmarhi is a place where nature has found exquisite expression in myriad enchanting ways. Green shades embrace the mountains, and there is a gentle murmur of flowing water everywhere.
The valley, ravines and maze of gorges, sculpted in red sandstone by the wind and weather, add their own colouring to this palatte of shades, and cascading waterfalls flash silver in the sunshine.You can also find some rare species of orchids in Pachmarchi.

Located in the Satpura ranges, Pachmarhi is an idyllic hill station in Madhya Pradesh. Pachmarhi is about 210 kilometres from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh.
Season:   April to July, September to May.  However the climate is  cool and pleasant throughout the year. The pure and fresh air of pachmarhi refreshes the tired souls.
Route Map:
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How to reach:
Air: The nearest airport is Bhopal, connected by regular flights with Delhi, Gwalior, Indore and Mumbai.
Rail: Pipariya (47 km), on the Mumbai-Howrah main railway line via Allahabad, is the most convenient railhead. Bhopal is also a mainline railway station with trains to most major destinations.
Road: Pachmarhi is connected by regular bus services with Bhopal, Hoshnagabad, Nagpur, Pipariya and Chhindwara. Taxis are available at Pipariya.
Tourist Attractions:

Pandav Caves
Pandav Caves
are the famous caves from which Pachmarhi derived its name. According to historians, during Mahabharata era, the five Pandava brothers had spent good part of their exile here. These caves are considered to be carved out during Buddha period.

Bee Falls:   It is a spectacular fall in the stream that provides drinking water to Pachmari and is easily accessible.
Situated just 10 km from the town, this is an important cave shrine for Hindus. This shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The legend behind the shrine is that, this is the place where Lord Shiva came to hide from Bhasmasura, who was rewarded a boon that, whomsoever he touches on the head, will be destroyed. Using this boon, the demon tried to destroy Lord Shiva. There is a Shivalingam in the cave. Shivratri is celebrated here with huge enthusiasm. Reaching here is a bit strenuous as the only way is through deep Sal forests and sharp curves.

Jatashankar   an important rock formation is -a place sanctified by the Shaivite lore. The stones are indeed shaped like the mater hair of the great Hindu god Shiva, and inside a natural Cavern there is a stone formation like the hundred-headed divine snake Seshnag.

Satpura National Park:
This park is set up in 1981 in around 524 sq. km of area. Fascinating natural valleys, waterfalls and Tawa’s reservoir add beauty to this park. Tourists can come across bisons, tigers, leopards and a rich variety of birds.

The Christ church and Catholic church were constructed by the British in 1892 and 1875 respectively. The Belgian stained glass windows in Catholic church attracts tourists. The nave of Christ church doesn’t have a single pillar for support.

Apsara Vihar:     

A lovely little bathing pool, and easily accessible from Jai Stambh, this pool is an ideal picnic spot for families. The pool is shallow, deepening only towards the base of the fall which cascades gently into it's waters.
Silver Fall (Rajat Prapat)   Water Stram of Fairypools falls into a valley making a big fall named Silver fall ,it falls into a depth of around 350 ft.

Cahuragarh Dhupgarh
Cahuragarh and Dhupgarh hills are the prominent landmarks of Pachmarhi. The place offers panoramic view of the setting sun. The ancient Shiva temple is also worth seeing.

Irene Pool: This pool was discovered by Irene Bose, wife of Justice Vivian Bose, and named after her. The approach to this bathing spot is from the car stop to Reech Garh. The route upstream leads to a cave, through which the stream goes underground and then over a khud in a series of falls.

Jalawataran (Duchess Falls):
It is located very close to Irene Pool. This falls is ideal for swimming. The trek is a little difficult as the path is very steep. Such setting makes it one of the picturesque waterfalls.

Sunder Kund (Saunder's Pool): Crossing the stream below Duchess Fall and following a footpath about 2.5 km in a south-west direction, brings one to a huge rocky pool in the Jambu Dwip stream. This is an excellent place for swimming. 

Forsyth Point (Priyadarshini Point)
Formerly named after Captain Forsyth who discovered this verdant jewel in 1857, Priyadarshini Point commands spectacular sunset views.

Handi Khoh:
This is the most impressive small valley of this hill station. It has a 300 ft high cliff with attractive steep sides. Adventurous tourists should visit this spot.

Where to Stay:
Accommodation is easily available in the hill resort of Pachmarhi.
Where to Eat:

Abhinanndan Restaurant

Amrapali Restaurant

Anand Bhojnalaya

Angeera Restaurant

Anjora Restaurant

Arya Bhawan Restaurant

Dhana Laxmi

Fantasy Restaurant

Hot Treats

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