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Enchanting Maldives

Maldives  is a perfect destination for an adventure and romantic holidays. Maldives is a tropical paradise. You can explore the spectacular coral islands, pristine water lagoons, powdery beaches, sunny skies, crystal clear water and lavish resort islands.
 Maldives provide a matchless experience to the visitors. The people of Maldives extends warm hospitality to visitors because tourism is a crucial business aspect of this nation.. Maldives has over 87 resort islands. Each resort offers a range of water sport facilities, like snorkelling, jet skiing and more. Two very popular activities here are the glass-bottomed boat tours and night fishing.
Maldives has some of the best dive sites in world. Diving enthusiasts can explore the Banana Reef, Fish Head, Wreck of the Maldives Victory and many more such interesting underwater sites.  You will have a fun filled and adventurous holiday. . Embark on a Maldives Vacation and enjoy the beauty of this truly wonderful country

The country is located in the Indian Ocean, south of India. It is an island country consisting of around 1200 coral islands. Only 200 islands out of the 1200 are inhabited. The islands are known for their beaches and exotic marine life

Quick Facts:
  • Capital: Male'

  • Official Language: Dhivehi

  • Second Language: English

  • Religion: Islam (100% Sunni Muslim)

  • Time difference: +5hrs GMT

  • Currency: Rufiyaa (Notes) and Laari (Coins)

  • Climate: Tropical

  • Major Industries: Tourism, Fishing and Shipping

  • Banking hours: Sunday to Thursday 8.00 am to 1.30 pm

Best Season:
The best time to reach Maldives is from the months of April to the beginning of November.

Route Map:
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Passport and Visa requirements:

Entry to Maldives is not difficult. Travel with your passport, it should be valid up to your take off date to enter in to the republic of Maldives. As per the visa requirement, 30 days visa will be issued when arrived in Maldives. The Department of Immigration and Emigration approves any request for extending tourist's stay up to 90 days, if a person stays in a resort..
Reaching There:
By Air
There are a number of international flights that carry the passengers to and from Maldives. The main international airport is situated at Male, the capital city of Maldives. Apart from the typical international flights, also are available the services of various airlines that operate on a regular basis and fly from Dubai, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur and Thiruvananthapuram to Maldives.

By Sea
For countries like India and Sri Lanka, there is another means of transport to reach Maldives. Infact, Maldives is very well connected with waterways. There is an adequate provision of ships to carry the passengers to the beautiful islands of Maldives.

Sight Seeing Places in Maldives:

Malé , Malé is small, quaint, and densely settled capital city of Maldives. It's clean and tidy, with mosques, markets, a maze of small streets that charm all its own.
Malé is packed to the edges with buildings, roads and a few well-used open spaces.

Grand Friday Mosque

Grand Friday mosque, Masjid-al-Sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu-al-A "z" zam is the biggest mosque of Maldives. This grand architecture of bygone times was constructed by the Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar in 1656.

Beautiful beaches of Maldives
Located on the equator towards the south of Sri Lanka, Maldives is blessed with beaches rich in coconuts and tropical fruits.

Despite so many beautiful beaches in Maldives, the capital is not blessed in this respect. Today the people of Male' can enjoy a good swim at artificial beach. This is a popular place for parents who take their kids for some fresh air and space to enjoy.
Today it is not only a popular place for swimmers, but a variety of sports, games shows and other events such as live music shows as well. On a regular day, it is a place for swimmers, children, parents and active sportsman. On special occasions, it is a place for get together, music shows, carnivals, parades and you name it. On Fridays the beach is quite packed, so consider this fact before getting there for a swim.

Mohammed Thakurufaanu Tomb
Located in the compound of the Bihuroazu Kamanaa Miskiiy, it has a lot of significance for the people of this country. Mohammad Thakurufaanu tomb in Maldives was built in the memory of Sultan Ghaazee Mohammed Thakurufaanu, a great national hero, who liberated Maldives from the colonial rule of Portuguese. Portuguese established their rule over the country for about 15 years after overthrowing Sultan Ali VI in 1558. It is because of this brave Sultan that the countrymen enjoy their freedom.

The Local Market

The Local Market, just a block away from the Male’ Fish Market on the northern waterfront, is divided into small stalls. Here the pace is slower and the atmosphere peaceful, compared to the hectic activity in the rest of this neighborhood. Each stall is filled with a variety of local produce mainly from the atolls. Here you will find different kinds of local vegetables, fruits and yams, packets of sweetmeat, nuts and breadfruit chips, bottles of home made sweets and pickles and bunches of bananas hanging on coir ropes from ceiling beams. Another building just next door sells smoked and dried fish.

Jumhooree Maidan
Located along the northern waterfront in Male, Jumhoorie Maidan in Maldives was set up in the year 1989. More commonly known as the republic square of Maldives, the Jumhoorie Maidan with its green grass and lush vegetation serves as one of the most popular places for social gatherings. It is the teen's favorite evening hangout place.

Seenu (Addu Atoll)
This is the 'second city' of the Maldives, and the resort here is the best base from which to visit traditional Maldivian island communities. The Addu people are fiercely independent, speak differently from folk in the capital.

The Islamic centre : Male's most famous architectural landmark is the three -storey Islamic Centre, opened in November 1984. The centre's Grand Friday Mosque , Majid-al-sultan Mohammed Thakurufaanu -al-A''z''am, is the biggest in the Maldives, accommodating more than 5,000 worshippers. The shinning golden dome of the mosque is a standout as are also the interior walls decorated with beautiful woodcarvings and Arabic calligraphy . The centre also houses a library and a conference hall.

MUNNAARU: close to the Friday Mosque is this gleaming white minaret also built by Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar in 1675 . The chief muezzin of male' called the faithful to prayer from this minaret before the Islamic centre was built

Mulee Aage Palace
Located in front of the Friday mosque, Maldives Mulee Aage palace was built in the year 1906. The credit for its construction goes to the Sultan Mohamed Shamsuddeen III. It was before World War I that the Sultan built this palace for his son.

The Presidential Palace:

The Presidential Palace has been built on the site of the previous presidential palace "Theemuge", this is one of the most beautiful building in the country, and could easily be counted among the most wonderful examples of modern eclectic architecture in South Asia.

SULTAN PARK AND THE NATIONAL MUSEUM : The Sultan's Palace was demolished except for a three -storey building and the palace grounds were turned into a public park, known as the Sultan Park.
The surviving palace building within the park is today the National Museum. Opened on November 19, 1952, the glorious bygone era including stone objects from the pre-Islamic period; royal antiquities like thrones, palanquins, royal sunshades, costumes and shoes, coins and ornaments, arms and armour. Coral stone sculpture, lacquered wooden containers, miniature hand-written Quran, hookahs,sunshades,traditional log drums from the Royal Palace used in the popular music of Bodu Beru, and the very interiors of the museum-retained from the days of Sultanate -are the added attractions. Two of the most significant items on display are the coral stone head of Lord Buddha, a 11th century piece from Alifu Thoddu and a 13th century engraved wooden panel from
Timings:9am-3pm.closed on Fridays and public holidays.

Huruku Miskiiy.

The Hukuru Miskiiy  or the old Friday Mosque, was built in 1656 during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim Iskandhar 1. The interior and exterior walls of this historic mosque, built with coral shores, are intricately curved with Arabic writings and ornamental patters. The roof, window frames, and doors are made of different types of wood including teak, red sandalwood, and redwood. There is an abundance of beautiful coral carvings and expert lacquer work inside the mosque, the latter being most conspicuous in the laage, or domes, built as part of the ceiling. The compound of the mosque also encloses a number of ancient tombstones erected in memory of past sultan's, heroes and nobles

Medhu Ziyaarath
Opposite the Hukuru Miskiiy is the Medhu Ziyaarath, the shrine of Abu al Barakaath Yusuf al Barbari, a North African, believed to be responsible for converting the Maldives to Islam way back in AD 1153.


When one approaches Malé from the north, the first thing that strikes the eye would be the number of cargo vessels lying at anchor in the outer harbor (the Maldives imports just about all its basic life requirements!) and the number of speed boats and traditional dhoani in the inner harbor.

Accommodation and Lodging:

Top-Rated Hotels

Maldives : Food and Drink
The local cuisine revolves around fish and rice. A typical meal will have a helping of rice served with a local fish preparation. Trevallies, barracuda and tuna are the preferred fish here, and are prepared in spicy curries. Most meals begin with a bowl of Garudhya, or tuna soup.
The food is usually washed down with a cup of black tea. Being an Islamic country, alcohol and pork is prohibited and only available at tourist resorts
Famous Restaurants:

Shopping in Maldives

Male, the capital of Maldives is the main shopping hub that provides a real delight to the shoppers. The best picks of this wonderful country include jewelry, cosmetics, apparels, electronic gadgets and gizmos, local handicraft items, perfumes and canned fish.

Maldives Travel Safety Tips
  • You should avoid visiting areas, where you are likely to be victimized.

  • Avoid traveling alone.

  • Never reveal your travel plans to a stranger.

  • Keep away from strangers trying to be extra friendly with you.

  • Beware of pickpockets.

  • Never show that you are new to the area and don't know anything about the place, because someone can take advantage of your innocence.

  • It is always wise to learn a couple of phrases in the local language of the country, so that you can call upon someone for help in case of a problem.

  • It is a good practice to keep all your valuables at a safe place and not in the open. Do not leave any valuables behind in your hotel room, when you are going out.

  • Always hire taxis that bear the official markings on them.

  • Never accept any kind of favors from strangers.

  • It is always advisable to inform the concerned authorities, if you feel there is some kind of threat.

  • While paying your bills, never flash large amounts of money.

  • For exchange of currency, deal only with authorized agents. Never attempt to exchange money at black market.


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